Cross Ventilation Room

Everyone will want to live in a setting they are comfortable in, in order to obtain the full experience of this journey. At Natural Paradise, we strive to provide our guests with a pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable stay. These rooms are designed with our clients in mind, taking into account that everyone is unique and prefers to live a specific manner while on this journey. As a result, we offer three distinct types of rooms for you to select from.
Then there are the cross ventilation rooms, where the temperature of the room is regulated by the weather outside, which surrounds the entire Natural Paradise. Because the Natural Paradise is surrounded by hills and mountains, the environment will be naturally pleasant and cooling. A little space will be left between the roof and the walls for ventilation along with windows. Along with this, regular toilets and bathrooms with roofs will be available.
Everything is already included in these packages, including the cost of treatment and meals. Booking for two guests at the same time is known as double occupancy, and it will incur additional charges but at a discounted rate.
Euro is for display purposes ONLY. We accept the Indian rupee (INR) The current market price to the Indian rupee will be calculated Details about the flight send to us the mail via our official email.

Prices start at: 92  per night



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